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be a good man

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:09 pm

Staff applications are NOT C5 Tag applications! Even though admins vote support, pending, and against in these applications, it does not mean you get accepted the same way as tag applications.

The votes you get from admins are to show how many admins like to give you a try for staff because they know you are helpful and can handle the work. Those who vote pending means they have not seen you active, maybe seen you do some annoying stuff in chat i.e provokes/insults, and/or have not seen you be helpful as you say you are. Those who vote against means you obviously are a troublemaker or has broken rules before, which makes admins not want you. HOWEVER, you CAN change your ways and just stop doing what makes you a troublemaker.

NOTE: Changing your name to "change your identity" WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL! WE WILL KNOW ITS YOU and it MAY hurt your chances at being hired anyway. Why? We consider that fooling us and we do not tolerate this. If you want to become better, we strongly suggest you be yourself no matter what name or personality you have.

HR Managers will look over your application and the opinions given about you, then they may possibly hire you. POSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY...

It does not matter how someone got hired; they could have been hired with an application, without an application, they just posted their application today, they posted their application months ago, etc.

This does NOT mean that a support-filled application will always get them hired, but it does however leave an idea on who to hire next. Also, we are NOT BLIND. We know you posted your application because we see this section almost every day, so you dont have to "BUMP" every day. If you bump your application often, you are less likely or no chance of being staff. This just reveals how desperate, impatient, and immature you are if you do this.

Once in a while, HR Managers post a topic looking for new operators for certain timezones or other preferences. Check if they are any and try your luck there.

This is why:

"Patience is a virtue!"


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